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OK I got good news and bad news….. The Bad news is that College Tuition in America on average is well over $100,000 for a four year degree in this day an age. College Debt is the worst kind as you can never get rid of it until its paid. Imagine for a second that you graduate college and get handed a book of debt over $70,000! The Good news is that if you can combine what you love to do (play sports) with what you have to do (get educated) you may never be in that position. The good news sounds like something you want to take advantage of you will need a coach! Coach Santiago created his program focused on saving families massive amounts of money, getting grants, getting recruited, teaching athletes how to market themselves, and most importantly take control of their athletic dreams. Coach Santiago himself was a college scholarship athlete and also is the first in his family to go to college under these circumstance. His family struggled to understand the process, had no help, and this time was very stressful for everyone. Lots of mistakes were made that could not be fixed which is why Coach Santiago created his “Aspiring Athletes” VIP coaching program. This is a premium service that not all families will qualify for but the first step in the process is to schedule a call with coach for a quick 15 min interview to see if you qualify 407-745-0509 .

—-“Dont ever put your child’s hopes and dreams in the hands of other people”

Coach Santiago