About Me.

I am a kid from the inner city of Cleveland Ohio who early in life found myself with a lot not going my way. My mother left our family when I was 2, my family was very poor with very limited resources, and I was of the mindset that my life would reach its peak in High School. However, my incredible Dad introduced me to the game of baseball that would one day save my life. This game provided me a dream that I could eventually get out of the inner city and reach a better life. I thought about this often when I was alone but it wasn’t until a Cincinnati Reds scout who saw me at player tryout at 15 years old pulled me aside and simply said, “You got a shot to do something special in this game if you can keep your nose clean and keep working.” At that moment I started to believe his story and not mine and it changed everything.

Later in my high school career the great college coach Tim Corbin, of Clemson at that time, was able to help me get into college. I left my old life figuratively and physically for good. After a successful college career and professional career I began to work as a coach, which came somewhat natural to me. Over a decade later my coaching career is going stronger then ever and I have had such a great journey learning from so many people, creating great memories, and enjoying great relationships that all started with baseball and a dream. So I am the underdog and forgotten one who proved to many that your life is only limited by your attitude and yours dreams. I currently reside in Orlando, FL with my beautiful wife Doctor Tanya Quinones- Santiago and our dog Max.

My mission is to promote, educate, and expose the rising baseball families in the greatest county in the world.