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Coach Santiago is Helping Families Combine What They Love to Do with What they have to do! Helping Families Offset Hundreds of Thousands in College Debt Through Playing Sports In College Coaching Players All Over the Country Through The Entire College Recruiting Process From Start To Finish Making Sure Families Are Never Delegating Their Athletic Dreams To Anyone Else

Coaching Families

“Dont delegate your athletic dreams…… get informed, get coached, find the right people,  and get placed into college with a plan specifically for your athlete. Stop being in the dark about what your spending your time and money on. Start making investments with expected returns instead of following the heard.”

Develop Your Unique Strategy

“Only 5% of all athletes in High School actually get the opportunity to play at the next level…thats the bad news. The good news is with my coaching you wont keep doing what everyone else does which is focus on getting “seen” but start working on getting placed.

You Make The Decision

“Most players have the decision made for them because they dont have enough interest in the pipeline. Secondly most dont have any non bias party to help the family walk thru the process of making the final decisions. All that changes when become part of the Coach family”

About me.

I am just a kid from Cleveland, Ohio who had a dream to be a professional athlete, businessman & serve the greatest community in the world…the sports world! Now that I have lived this life for over a decade I am ready to help you with your dreams and educate you on what to look for when navigating this world of youth sports.

-Founder DJ Santiago


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